Torres del Paine: Chilean Patagonia

A rare life opportunity brought me the chance to re-explore South America on an unforgettable trip through Argentina and Chile’s Patagonian territory. The photos from this post come from Torres ...

10 Faces of the Future: Guatemala

The Children of Guatemala are an incredibly interesting aspect of the culture. Their faces seem to convey a sense of innocent transparency that allow you to feel the culture in ...

Photo Essay: Sacred Sites of the Yucatan Peninsula

Just Another Pile of Rocks? Every year millions of visitors make their way to admire the awe-inspiring pre-Columbian archeological sites of the Yucatan peninsula. Included in this visual presentation are ...

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Insider’s Guide to Traveling Brazil: Rio to Iguazu

  Back in October of 2007 I spent 3 weeks traveling around Brazil, and I would have stayed a lot longer if my visa would have allowed it. During that time I somehow managed to keep a pretty detailed journal in between the steady flow of Caipirinha’s and when it was all said and done […]

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How I stumbled into Photography

Searching for the answer to the quintessential question… What am I going to do with my life? It had me going in circles. I’m not exactly sure why it took me so long to figure out that the only thing I should be doing with my life was the only thing I couldn’t imagine not […]

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el Foto de la Semana, Buzios Brazil

This is a simple point and shoot photo I snapped during my 2007 trek through Brazil. When I walked up on the scene I thought the fisherman in the foreground were incredibly concentrated, until a few more seconds passed and I realized they weren’t moving at all. As it turns out the three mysterious foreground […]

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A Bag of Magic Mushrooms and a Deep Dark Cave in Belize

After earning the title of “Worst Sandal Tan” on the island of Caye Caulker it was time to head towards Western Belize for a change of pace. The rolling jungle hills around San Ignacio made for a solid layover connecting the road from the coast to the Guatemalan border. After talking with a few backpackers […]

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Jumbo Rocks: Joshua Tree National Park

Located only 140 miles east of the seemingly endless cityscape that is Southern California, the pristine desert wilderness of Joshua Tree National Park serves as the perfect getaway for city dwelling weekend warriors. Declared as a melting pot of biodiversity, the park occupies the southern region of California’s Transverse mountain ranges where the expansive low-lying […]

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Barry’s Top 25 Travel Playlist for 2011

  When I’m on the road an entertaining play-list is essential. I decided to put together a list of 25 songs that shaped my mood during my most recent trip through Central America. Don’t be too judgmental. I don’t claim to be a music blog phenom. These are just a few songs that ring well […]

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